Kiyu Nishida

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Breath of Silence

  • lump, loud speaker, microphone, digital light dimmer, arduino, raspberry pi
  • when: 2019-09
  • where: mute The Second Exhibition; Silence
  • where silence lives


    This work is consisted of a theme “silence” and reacts to silence. When silence is maintained, a light bubble is gradually getting light, reaches the maximum, then a loudspeaker produces a pulse noise. The sound loops between the loudspeaker and a microphone, attenuate along the light bubble is getting dark. On the other hand, when silence is not maintained, the bubble light wavers in a dark and is not getting light. This behavior looks like as if the work breath and has a life in silence.
    When the sound is suddenly stopped or produced, we can notice the sound existing there. For example, when an air conditioner is stopped, we can notice the sound of the air conditioner and there is/was the sound. This work stimulates people to notice such sound and make people notice the sound existing there. What this work requires keeping silence to enjoy this work correctly also stimulates people to notice the sound in a space.


    mute exhibits our work with “minimal and analog aesthetics as theme.

    The main theme of our group, mute, is “minimal and analog aesthetics”, we decided this theme based on questions which we found in our school.
    To think about making something, we have to think about what we want to express and how we can do it. “What” would be various depend on persons, on the other hand when it comes to “how,” it seems to rely on audiovisual based on the TV monitor. We have a doubt on that point, so we used “analog” in our main theme. We challenge a new expression through creating physical, sculptural and experiencing works beyond the TV monitor. On the other hand, to think the content of our works, it tends to contain a lot of information and it causes the theme of the work are blurred. We set up “minimal” as one of our themes and are trying to express aesthetics by considering a lot and creating works consisted of minimal elements.
    We set up a sub-theme each exhibition, creates works including it and “minimal and analog aesthetics.”

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