Kiyu Nishida

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  • Fashion entertainment show
  • when: 2016-11
  • where: 『ism』 CBA project 2017
  • voice (12:35~)

    I worked as a director

    『voice』is one of the fashion group in "ism." The theme of 『voice』aimed to describe freedom and energy in fashion style. 『voice』 consists of three sections, I directed the third part,『ruler×mods style(15:57~)』.
    I focused on the meaning which is included in fashion style, mixed "young, freedom, energy" and "ruler" which is reminiscent of being bound by rule.

    At the last part of『voice』(17:30~), we describe "revolution" in order to show the direction of our fashion group.


    『ism』is a theme of CBA project 2017. Following the idea which is a fashion style coming from objects, we combine object with an existing fashion style and develop our new fashion with our unique idea.

    CBA project

    “The CBA project” is the group of creating a fashion entertainment show at the school festival. We create a fashion entertainment show from “zero.” It means we create costumes as well as stage, movie, music, and publication. I made a video, designed stage and did a direction. Director creates a concept and direct works. I had been very influenced by and studied by this group.