Kiyu Nishida

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Kiyu Nishida


Born in Tokyo, 1996.
From 2015, he studies the “sound” from various points of view such as physic, psychology, physiology, cultural history, arts and so on at the department of acoustic design, school of design in Kyushu University, Japan.
He creates many video works using 3DCG and also produces theatrical arts whose theme is “freedom from suppression.”

From 2018, he mainly studies 3D audio and net art for one year as an international student at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design in Germany.
He focuses on the relationship between a performer and audiences in a concert situation and the possibility of expanding a concert and creates interactive works that use 3D audio provided by speaker dome and audiences’ smartphone in a concert.
Also, he creates works as a net art that influences on a public space whose concept can not be achieved by a conventional museum art form.

After returning to Japan, he realizes the importance of a community that secures the environment to create artworks, so he founds two student communities. One is “mute” whose concept is to create artworks that have minimal and analog aesthetics. The other is “jack” which creates artworks for a public space.
From 2020, he studies at Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences(IAMAS).
In 2020, he graduates from IAMAS. The title of master's work is "chain of responses." The title of master's thesis is "chain of responses: Rethinking Lives and Communicationd from a Neo-Cybernetic perspective."

Programming skill

Unity, Python, Touchdesinger, Max/MSP Jitter, JavaScript (Node.js), HTML, CSS, Processing


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Non peer-reviewed

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