Kiyu Nishida

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  • iron
  • publish: 2018-02
  • The theme of "Coexistence and Harmony" is the power of mankind who harmonize man-made with nature. This piece consists of three parts which are a tree: a symbol of nature, geometric structure: a symbol of man-made and hand: a symbol of the power of mankind.
    We, mankind are strong like a tree and create many things. However we use our power beyond the harmony of nature, it causes some problems such as environmental destruction.
    This piece expresses the ideal which nature, man-made, and the power of mankind are completely harmonizing.

    Human and Nature

    When I overview five pieces which were created from October 2017 to January 2018, I found all of those pieces were created following the same theme, "the relationship between mankind and nature.
    The first piece, "touch", describes the interest in natural material. The second piece, "lesson", describes the warmth of the tool.
    The third piece, "nature" describes the comparison between nature and man-made. The fourth piece "various aspects of me", describes the way of expression of me. Then, the last piece "coexist and harmony" describes the power of mankind who harmonize man-made with nature.