Kiyu Nishida

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This is move.

  • video, projection mapping
  • duration: 00:02:17
  • publish: 2016-06
  • 『This is』CBA project 2017 Freshmen Welcome Exhibition
  • The emotion moves.

    The body moves.

    The situation changes.

    Then you are inspired and move again.

    This is the story of a dress with sound and video.

    This is move.

    This is a co-work project. I did all of direction, designing stage and making a some piece of video. I created a story of purification. The transition of emotion of a dress is projected on the screen and dress. I described caught emotion becomes releasing as the story proceed.
    I direct it to be able to convey the drama and use expression that cannot express ordinary video piece.

    CBA project

    “The CBA project” is the group of creating a fashion entertainment show at the school festival. We create a fashion entertainment show from “zero.” It means we create costumes as well as stage, movie, music, and publication. I made a video, designed stage and did a direction. Director creates a concept and direct works. I had been very influenced by and studied by this group.