Kiyu Nishida

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  • 3D Audio, AR, Web Application
  • duration: 00:10:00
  • publish: 2018-10
  • The concert "Future Sound" at Beyond Festival 2018 in ZKM (Karlsruhe Art and Media Center)
  • This piece was reported in NIME 2019 (The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression)

  • This piece consists of two parts. One is the live performance which is the ambisonic 3D audio controlled by body music instrument. The other is AR (augmented reality) which can watch through smartphones which audience have. This piece is a challenge for the possibility of live performance in the near future.

    Reality and Fiction

    What is the “border” between reality and fiction. VR or AR made it possible to integrate fiction into our real world. In the near future, these technologies will develop more, might make it possible not to be able to distinguish fiction from real. These technologies absolutely expand our world and expression.

    On the other hand, the development of communication technology is making it possible to broadcast video with low latency. So far, we received a video about in 30 seconds behind transmitting, but now, we can receive in 1 second. It means we can interact between broadcaster and receiver in real time.

    These technologies will gradually change our experience.
    In this piece, I expressed the futuristic live performance using webRTC, webAR and webAudio.